Importance of Sweets in Indian Celebrations
Importance of Sweets in Indian Celebrations

There are so many occasions and festivals that India as a country celebrates. Right from the beginning of the year to its conclusion there are so many festivals and grandeur of celebrations we witness. 


These festivals signify and commemorate various events ranging from mythology to modern history. From Pongal to Diwali, every Indian household will be lit with the spirit of festivities that emulates joy, happiness, flamboyance, celebrations and most importantly, togetherness! 


Everyone has various ways of expressing their happiness during festivities. Some like to dress better, some like to cook, some like to dance, sing and so much more! It’s a celebration when all of these come together. 


But the common thing you’ll see during such times are the sweets and delicacies being shared among the guests, friends and closest family members. 


It can’t be stressed enough that sweets are the soul of every occasion, let alone festivals. 


Sharing the sweets spreads and amplifies the joy in the atmosphere, radiating the splendour of the festival. 


While commercial sweets like chocolates, cakes, etc. are replacing the traditional sweets on many occasions, the grace and purity that Indian sweets embody is second to none! 


The sweet taste of authenticity and tradition is so mesmeric that it holds a lot of memories and it’s not the memory of taste alone. It’s the very memory of what festivities feel like. 


If you take a look at some of the delicacies like Tirunelveli Halwa , Srivilliputtur Palkova Kadalai Mittai , etc. there's so much emotion behind the very name! Something everyone looks forward to. The traditional sweets have been part of the festivities for so long that it has become a legacy. 


When people understand the essence that our traditional sweets carry, the legacy shall continue for ages to come.

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