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The history of India’s First Baking Company in Kerala dates back to 1880. Mambally Bapu, who had returned from Burma having mastered the art of biscuit making, decided to open The Royal Biscuit Factory, with 40 different varieties of biscuits, rusks, bread and buns. This was the one and only bakery in the entire country back then.

Murdoch Brown, a British Planter, brought the Rich Plum Cake from England and asked Mambally to taste and replicate it for him. Without any baking instruments required to bake a cake, the baker had his mid map, which would be the genesis of best cake in history.

He obtained the mould from a blacksmith, sourced the finest spices from farms and added a desi touch by using a local brew made from cashew apple and kadalipazham, a type of banana.

When Brown tasted the Plum Cake, he was spellbound and revealed it as “one of the best cakes he had ever had.” Thus, India’s first-ever cake was born in 1883 during Christmas. It’s been 140 years and we’d like to keep the novelty of India’s first Christmas Cake alive by bringing it to your doorsteps directly from the kitchen of Royal Biscuit Factory EST 1880.