Our Story
Traditional sweets of Tamil Nadu are not actually hard to find. But, we are made to believe that what we are tasting is the best and the most authentic. The popular names on the street who some marketing budgets have led to this scene. But the authenticity of those sweets dont lie in the popular ones. But in those shops that have perfected the recipe over years. While, we were traveling through Tamil Nadu – we could taste a stark difference in the quality of the delicacy specifically from ingredients to shelf life. That is why we have painstakingly scouted for the best of best in Tamil Nadu. Our efforts will continue to map such traditions across India. Until then, we bring you the best of Tamil Nadu. All our delicacies and packages speak for themselves. We aim just to create memories, conversations while preserving food culture through this journey.

Tirunelveli – Halwa

This silky delicacy has been enslaving South Indian tongues for over a few thousand years now. Tirunelveli, despite its deep roots in Indian history, is on the global map because of its incredible halwa. The mysticism around the halwa is derived from the waters of river Thamarabarani, blended with of wheat, sugar, and ghee. Packed within 24 hours, has a magnificent 3 months of shelf life when stored well. There are several stores that offer good Halwa in Tirunelveli, but the best is hard to find. We have found that treasure.

Srivilliputhur – Palkova
A classic South Indian sweet, Palkova, originates from Srivilliputhur, a township in Virudhunagar District, Tamilnadu. Palkova is a result of a heavenly affair between evaporated full cream milk and sugar. Mostly preferred for its easy edible nature, it stands out as the most preferred sweet for kids and the elders. This Palkova is best made in a traditional kitchen in Srivilliputhur, we have had the privilege of accessing the best.
Thoothukudi – Macroon
India was first exposed to macroons by the Portuguese. Thoothukudi, known as the “pearl city of India,” contributes to a unique type of macroon in the world. While traditional European macroons are made from egg whites, sugar, and ground almonds, Thoothukudi macroons have replaced almonds with locally available cashew. Because of their high protein content, Indianized macroons serve as a quick energy snack. Taste the original Thoothukudi Macroon only here at Great Indian Sweets from traditional age-old kitchens.
Kumbakonam – Soan Papdi
The cube-shaped sweet, Soan papdi, is the most sought-after sweet in India, making it available in sweets shops or even on street corners. However, Kumbakonam, known for temples and pure vegetarian food, has carved its benchmark in the making of Soan Papdi. The sweet is a blend of sugar, gram flour, flour, ghee, almond, milk, and cardamom. The sweet’s tendency to dissolve in the mouth with the first crumb has propelled it to fame. Though available commonly the taste we bring to you in unparalleled. Try our version out to experience the original recipe from Kumbakonam.
Kovilpatti – Kadalai Mittai
Kovilpatti, often known as the “Land of Homemade Sweets and Savouries,” is in Tamil Nadu’s Thoothukudi District and hosts the world-famous ground nut candy, Kadalai mittai. Kovilpatti Kadalai Mittai is a healthy protein snack for all ages that is made with roasted peanuts, jaggery, a dash of salt, dry ginger. Kadalai Mittai has a lengthy shelf life by nature. This is an all year round snack and you are yet to taste the best if you haven’t ordered from us.
Karaikudi – Special Ghee Adhirasam
Adhirasam connects every Tamil person to pleasant festival times. Adhirasdam enhances the enjoyment of any festival in Tamil Nadu. The small town of Karaikudi in the Sivagangai district is home to the finest Adhirasam. Dough mixed with sugarcane jaggery is then mixed with ghee and cardamom and finally is extracted into a spherical shape and fried in preheated oil. A festival-flavored Karaikudi – Special Ghee Adhirasam is just one click away from great Indian sweets.

Bring the the festival connection back by ordering Karaikudi – Special Ghee Adhirasam on Great Indian Sweets.
GIS Special Ghee Kai Muruku
The most popular treat during festivals in Tamil Nadu is Ghee Murukku, also known as Nei Murukku. Without Nei Murukku, all Tamil Nadu celebrations are empty. In Tamil, the word “muruku” means “twisted.” Nei Murukku is created through a twisted procedure, as the name suggests. Rice flour, gramme flour, roasted gramme, red chilli powder, white sesame seeds, ghee, and—most importantly—the knack for coiling the murukku in hot oil for deep frying.Even though the process of Ghee Muruku may be twisted and coiled up, great Indian sweets will indeed provide it to you swiftly to fulfill your cravings.
Aruppukottai – Seeval
Aruppukottai Seeval is the South Indian replacement for Pakoda. It is often considered as a hybrid of north Indian namak paara and south Indian ribbon pakkoda prepared with chickpea flour. The recipe calls for relatively few ingredients and little time. While most shops in Aruppukottai sell these, the curation of best is only known to an experienced local. We have done that job for you. You can now have these seeval right at your doorstep.
Manaparai – Muruku
Muruku as such is a household name in Tamil Nadu. But the Manapparai Murukku proclaims the supreme position amongst its peers. The murukku, named after the town of Manapparai in Tiruchirappalli district, has a powerful ingredient. Manapparai’s water is consistently salty, and the double-frying method combined with pure rice flour produces a flavour that is entirely unique. Never miss a chance to taste the authentic Manaparai Murruku from us as we bring them to you from the most authentic kitchens.