Tamil Nadu – Special Celebration Basket


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Native & Sweets Quantity
Tirunelveli – Halwa 200gms
Srivilliputhur – Palkova 200gms
Thoothukudi – Macroon non-vegetarian-food-symbol 100gms
Karaikudi – Ghee Adhirsam 200gms
Manaparai – Muruku 200gms
Aruppukottai – Seeval 200gms
GIS Special – Ribbon Seeval 200gms
Sathur – Kara Sev 100gms
Freshly Procured
100% Native Authenticity
Packed With Love
Eco Friendly Basket

Bringing back the Magic of Tamil Nadu traditional sweets!

This basket brings back memories of the festive season! A mix of Tirunelveli halwa, Karaikudi – Ghee Adhirasam, Manaparai – Muruku and Aruppukottai – Seeval, leaving you spoilt for choice!

Why Special celebration basket?

Special Celebration Basket is curated for a set of people that you want to express special love and appreciation. We have made this more special by including, the lip-smacking and delicious Sri villiputhur Palkova and classic Thoothukudi macroons

These melt-in-the-mouth traditional sweets hits the right note of taste, made with irresistible native taste.