Tamil Nadu – Standard Celebration Basket


Important Note: Due to overwhelming demand, our popular products are flying off the shelves! Please note that the items mentioned for the baskets might be subject to change upon delivery.


Native & Sweets Quantity
Tirunelveli – Halwa 200gms
Srivilliputhur – Palkova 200gms
Karaikudi – Adhirasam 200gms
Manaparai – Muruku 100gms
GIS Special – Ribbon Seeval 100gms
Aruppukottai – Seeval 100gms
Freshly Procured
100% Native Authenticity
Packed With Love
Eco Friendly Basket

What’s in this Combo?

Made to perfection, our freshly procured sweets will make your day extra sweet!

As we decided to dig through the traditional sweets of Tamilnadu through our fondest memories, it was evident that Tirunelveli halwa, Srivilliputhur – Palkova, Karaikudi – Adhirasam, Manaparai – Muruku, GIS Special – Ribbon Seeval and Aruppukottai – Seeval captured our heart. So, we decided to bring them to you!

Standard basket is the perfect basket to fulfil a gang of many people! When the number is that large, your showcase of love is still optimal and well within your budget.

Every sweet and savoury is made with 100 % native authenticity, giving it that delicious texture and to make each bite addictive, transcending your indulgence onto a whole new level!