One of the most essential Indian celebrations, Diwali, will be observed all around the country. Every Indian looks forward to this festival every year.

Diwali honors the day that Lord Rama returned home after spending 14 years with his family in the forest. Every nook and cranny of Ayodhya was decked for his arrival with diyas that were lit with ghee. Besides the Ramayana connection, Lakshmi puja is another reason people celebrate Diwali. Goddess Lakshmi is said to bestow wealth and prosperity on those homes on the big day that is brightly lit!

Although India is a melting pot of numerous traditions and religions, Diwali brings people together.

Every house, market, and other building is beautifully decorated with diyas, lighting, and colors. Diwali celebrations have brought Indians together regardless of their religion. Food plays a vital role in this important festival.

Diwali is an important time for feasting, just like other Indian holidays, and everyone indulges in everything from rich Indian curries to traditional sweets. Most of the eating is of sweets, including traditional Indian desserts.

Speaking of cuisine, there are several dishes that are produced especially during Diwali. The exchange of sweets among relatives and neighborhoods is the most significant role of Diwali in people’s life. This festival peculiarly unites people by bridging stronger bonds of celebration.

Traditional Tamil sweets holding a rich and varied heritage on celebrations, while most of them have earned geographical indications for their native villages are a must for Diwali in Tamilnadu. But, it’s a hard voyage to find authentic traditional Tamil sweets whether they are processed or not authentic.

This Diwali ditch the processed sweets from the market and grasp the authentic traditional Tamil sweets from the authentic native kitchens of Tamilnadu.

Great Indian sweets foster the connection of traditional Tamil sweets to Tamilians. This Diwali takes the chance to experience the vibrancy of Diwali with Great Indian sweets.